As the only official chlorine filling station in Hungary, Vinyl Ltd. offers its partners a complete service with chlorine gas. We undertake road and rail logistics, maintenance and rental of chlorine cylinders and chlorine drums, regulatory examination, emergency response, consultancy, disaster management plan, installation of chlorination equipment. Our goal is to serve the market to the highest standards and establish long-term cooperation.

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Chlorine gas

Synonyms: Chlorine gas, Chlorine, Cl, Cl2
CAS Number: 7782-50-5
EINECS Number: 231-959-5

Chlorine gas (Cl2) is one of the bases of the modern chemical industry. Today, about 15,000 chlorine compounds are used. Quantitatively of the total elemental chlorine produced, approx. 63% is used to make organic compounds and 18% is used to make inorganic chlorine compounds. The remaining 19% of the chlorine produced is used for bleaching and disinfectant products such as Hypo (Sodium Hypochlorite) or Sodium Chlorite

Safety Information: Chlorine gas is a product regulated by ADR / RID. UN number: 1017

Delivery time:
We maintain a continuous supply of chlorine gas at our Budapest site, with our own storage tanks and containers to provide our partners with short and flexible lead times.

Chlorine packings

  • All
  • Railway wagons
  • Drums
  • Cylinders
Chlorine gas in railway tank wagon
Chlorine gas in railway tank wagon

Chlorine gas in rail tank wagons, net. 50-55 tons / wagon

Chlorine gas in barrels
Chlorine gas in barrels

Chlorine gas in barrels, net. 50-100 kg/ barrels according to customers demand

Chlorine gas in gas bottle
Chlorine gas in gas bottle

Chlorine gas in a gas bottle, net. 40-60 kg/ bottle according to customers demand

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5 reasons for Vinyl

  • Since 1937 dealing with chlorine
  • Emergency management
  • Budapest warehouse
  • Biocide, ÁNTSZ, REACH permits
  • Operation according to ISO 9001 and 14001

Chlorine gas related services

If you do not find the chlorine gas service you are looking for in the list below, please contact us and our qualified colleagues will help you!

Vinyl Ltd. undertakes to rent gas cylinders and gas drums for its customers. Containers have a unique identifier, based on a daily fee. We undertake the maintenance of customer bottles and barrels at an additional cost. Maintenance includes checking and replacing valves as required and painting the body of the cylinder.

We also undertake periodic regulatory testing of customer bottles. The official test shall include the following: structural test, pressure test, compactness test. In case of a successful examination, the equipment can be used for another 5 years.

For our chlorine-consuming partners, we undertake the preparation of a major emergency response plan and a public safety plan. As a party involved in the transport of dangerous goods, we are not only responsible for the proper transport and marking of the goods, but also for preventing any misuse of dangerous goods.

With the help of our equipment park and decades of experience, we undertake the professional dismantling of defective, leaking or abandoned gas cylinders and gas drums.

We undertake the maintenance of chlorinating equipment for our partners. Feel free to contact us if you have such a need.

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We have a continuous stock in our warehouse in Budapest and have our own storage containers to provide our partners with short and flexible lead times.

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