N-methyl- pyrrolidon 1 N-methyl- pyrrolidon 2

N-methyl- pyrrolidon

Synonyms: NMP, N-methyl pyrrolidone, 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone
CAS - Number: 872-50-4
EINECS - Number: 212-828-1

It is highly polar and readily miscible with most organic solvents (alcohols, ethers, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc.). It mixes with water in all proportions. Organic and inorganic materials are also highly soluble. High boiling point and low freezing point make NMP easy to handle. It has a high flash point compared to similar solvents. It is chemically and thermally stable, non-corrosive.

It is used as a cleaning or liberating agent in many industrial areas. NMP is used to make fine chemicals from mass-produced chemicals.
NMP applications in the electronics field have expanded in recent years. It can also be used to replace 1,1,1-trichloroethane in metal cleaning applications (a preferred solution due to worldwide environmental problems with chlorinated solvents). NMP can dissolve both organic and inorganic compounds well or better than chlorofluorocarbon solvents.

Wax and flux removal, deburring, electronic component cleaning, semiconductor component cleaning, solvent for lithium battery manufacture.

Form cleaning, metal component cleaning

Chemical industry:
Regenerating agent (acetylene, BTX, butadiene), synthetic resin coating solvent, reaction solvents (PPS, polyamide, etc.), equipment washing

Pesticide solvent during synthesis, formulation agent

Cleaning of plastic lens manufacturing equipment

Pharmaceutical industry:
Water-soluble solvent, cleaning, extraction

Packaging: 200 liter barrels, IBC containers, tank

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Safety Information: N-methyl pyrrolidone or NMP is not a regulated product under ADR / RID. UN number: Does not apply

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