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Synonyms: PVC, polyvinyl chloride
CAS Number: 9002- 86- 2
EINECS Number: 933-491-3

PVC - polyvinyl chloride - is a thermoplastic, combustible, chemically resistant, hard plastic. PVC is second after polyethylene in the list of the most widely used plastics in the world. Due to its cost-effectiveness and versatility, it is a popular and widely used plastic. There are two types of soft and hard PVC; they make a variety of objects of both kinds.

Properties: Variety, easy to mix, strength, toughness, purity, transparency.


  • suspension PVC powder
  • emulsion PVC powder
  • co-polymer PVC powder

Packaging: 25 kg in bags, 800 kg in a big bag, 1000 kg in a big bag, silo

This product is not hazardous and is not regulated by ADR.

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