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Sulfuric acid solution

Synonyms: Oleum, Fuming Sulfuric Acid, Vitriol, H2SO4
CAS - No: 7664-93-9
EINECS - Number: 231-639-5

Sulfuric acid is one of the most important compounds in the chemical industry and is produced in the largest quantities. Sulfuric acid is a chemical feedstock and is also commonly used in the laboratory. Sulfuric acid is also used in the manufacture of fertilizers, detergents, paints, pharmaceuticals, and explosives. In addition, sulfuric acid is the filling fluid of lead-acid batteries.

Although it is possible to produce 100% conc. fuming sulfuric acid (also called oleum), in practice more than 98.3% of concentrated acid is not used due to the evaporation of sulfur trioxide (SO3).

Safety Information: Sulfuric acid is a regulated product of ADR / RID. UN number: 1830

Packages and quantities:

Railway tank wagon min. 40 tons max. 55 tons
Tank car min. 10 tons max. 24 tons
IBC container min. 400 kg max. 1000 kg
Canister min. 20kg max. 60 kg

Other packaging options may be available upon customer request.

Available concentrations: 98%, 95%, 37% typical, 98% - 25% as per customer request

Qualities: technical, pharmaceutical

Delivery time:
We maintain a continuous supply of sulfuric acid solution in our warehouse in Budapest, with our own tanks to provide our partners with short and flexible lead times.

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We have a continuous stock in our warehouse in Budapest and have our own storage containers to provide our partners with short and flexible lead times.

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