Carbon disulphide 1 Carbon disulphide 2

Carbon disulphide

Synonyms: CS2, carbon sulfur
CAS Number: 75-15-0
Clear, highly refractory liquid.
Practically insoluble in water.
Miscible with alcohol or ether.
Heavy vapors ignite easily and explode.
It decomposes in sunlight and becomes yellow due to its sulfur content.
Very soluble in grease, resin, rubber, wax, sulfur, phosphorus, etc.
With hhlorine gas it produces sulfocarbonyl chloride (CSCl2).
With alcohols and caustic soda, it forms xanthogenates, or ester salts of dithiocene
Cellulose also undergoes a similar reaction to produce cellulose xanthogenate, which can be pulled properly (viscose silk)


It is used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • in the manufacture of rayon
  • as an industrial solvent
  • to extract oils from seeds
  • in the manufacture of vulcanized rubber
  • as a preservative (its vapor prevents decay and fermentation)
  • as a pesticide to control the phylloxera

Safety Information: Product regulated by ADR / RID. UN number: 1131

Packages: 200-liter barrel, ISO container, rail tank wagon

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