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Hydrazine-hydrate, Hydrazine-hydrate aqueous solution

Synonyms: Diamine, Diazane, Tetrahydridodinitrogen (N—N); diamidogen, N2H4,
CAS Number: 302-01-2
EINECS Number: 206-114-9

Hydrazine is mainly used as a foaming agent in preparing polymer foams, but applications also include its uses as a precursor to polymerization catalysts, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals.

About two million tons of hydrazine hydrate were used in foam blowing agents in 2015. Additionally, hydrazine is used in various rocket fuels and to prepare the gas precursors used in air bags. Hydrazine is used within both nuclear and conventional electrical power plant steam cycles as an oxygen scavenger to control concentrations of dissolved oxygen in an effort to reduce corrosion.

Safety Information: A Hydrazine-hydrate is controlled under ADR / RID regulations, UN number: 3293

Available units and weights:

Tank truck min. 10 tons max. 24 tons
IBC Container min. 400 kg max. 1200 kg
Jerry can min. 20kg max. 60 kg

Available concentrations of Hydrazine-hydrate: 98% 80%, 55%, 24%, according to buyers needs

Qualities: technical, according to buyers request

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