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Methyl iodide

Synonyms: Methyl iodide, Iodine methane, Mono iodomethane, MeI, CH3I
CAS Number: 74-88-4
EINECS Number: 200-819-5


As we are the only European manufacturer, in our plant we manufacture methyl iodine under the most modern conditions. Because Methyl Iodide is a highly hazardous substance, safety is a major concern during manufacturing. For maximum safety, the product is manufactured and packed in a fully closed system. We guarantee excellent quality by continuous monitoring both our own and external laboratories. Our goal is to serve our customers fully.

Closed system manufacturing and packaging:


  • Door to door delivery
  • Customized packages
  • Dedicated customer packages
  • Free collection and recycling of used containers
  • Recycling and recycling of iodine by-products


Methyl iodide is widely used in organic chemical synthesis to introduce methyl groups. This conversion is called methylation. In nature, small quantities of methyl iodide are emitted by rice plantations.

In addition to its use as a methylation agent, it has also been suggested to use as fungicides, weeds, insects, and nematodes, and as fire extinguishers. It can also be used for soil disinfection instead of methyl bromide (the use of methyl bromide is banned in the Montreal Protocol). Due to its high refractive index, it can also be used in microscopy.

Grignard reagent production. MeI is an important precursor to methyl magnesium iodide ("MeMgI"), a commonly used reagent.

Methyl iodide is used as a catalyst in industrial acetic acid synthesis in the two most common processes (Montsanto and Cativa).

It can be used for the preparation of dimethyl mercury by reaction of 2 mol MeI with 2/1 molar sodium amalgam (2 mol sodium, 1 mol mercury).

Safety Information: Methyl iodide is a regulated product of ADR / RID. UN number: 2644

Packages and quantities:

500 liters keg barrel min. 500kg max. 1000kg
50 liters keg barrel min. 25kg max. 100kg
1 liter bottle min. 2.3kg max. 2.3kg

Other packaging options may be available upon customer request.

Qualities: technical, pharmaceutical

Delivery time:
We maintain a continuous stock in our warehouse in Budapest, with our own containers and packaged stock to provide our partners with short and flexible lead times.

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We have a continuous stock in our warehouse in Budapest and have our own storage containers to provide our partners with short and flexible lead times.

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